North County Chess Club

Club Members

These are the current active members and officers of the North County Chess Club. Playing chess is a great way to spend a Thursday evening and we welcome you to join the club.

Name Rating Online
Mark Anderson 1792
Todd Arone 1784 ar0ne
Jim Boyd 1997 DeepLouis
David Cason 1359
Robert Colantoni 1220
Jacob Crafton 489 ChessMeister808
Rob Dolan 2033 IronFistBrew
Ian Finn 1384
Tom Fogec 1624
Hernan Gonzalez 1704
Daniel Henderson 1320
Jim Hillard 1366 AUL
Robert King 1565
Ramil Macaspac 1952
Jack Manata 1778 fischerking38
Orry Marciano 1860
David Martin 1689
Chris Mitchell 1497 ChrisMitchell_US
NM Mike Nagaran 2000 mnag
Brady Nicol 1007
Andrew Norman 2009 TheIronDuke
Hal Olmstead 1263 Revver1
Jason Patton 1339
Erich Roedel 1458
Charles Rossello 1881
Travis Schoening 1548 chill5555
Ramin Sinaee 1953 RaminSina
Tan Vu 0
Spencer Welch 1141
Howard Whitlock 1265
Lorry Widger 1525
Tom Williams 1635 HarryTikos

*Ratings are updated on the 1st of every month.