North County Chess Club

Tournament Information

This is a five round Swiss format chess tournament. All USCF and club tournament rules will apply. Pairings and standings will be posted here as they become available. For a full schedule of tournaments see the events page. If you will not be able to make your scheduled game please use the contact form so we can adjust the pairings.

Pairings for June 29th

18Mark Anderson (1766)5Ramil Macaspac (1895)
22Jim Boyd (2004)4Ramin Sinaee (1961)
312Lorry Widger (1600)6Orry Marciano (1824)
423Daniel Henderson (1143)11Tom Fogec (1600)
59Hernan Gonzalez (1760)13Robert King (1570)
616Travis Schoening (1528)19David Jessie Cason (1310)
721Howard Whitlock (1261)24Hal Olmstead (1002)
87Todd Arone (1791)18Jim Hillard (1401)
927Ian Finn (unr.)20Robert Colantoni (1278)
1025Brady Nicol (819)22Spencer Welch (1245)
1114Erich Roedel (1532)17Jason Patton (1524)
1226Tan Vu (unr.)15Chris Mitchell (1529)
10Tom Williams (1610)BYE

Current Standings

1Ramil Macaspac1895B---W10W2H---W4 4.5
2Jim Boyd2004B---W11L1W7W6 4.0
3Tom Williams1610B---L5W14X---D7 3.5
4Ramin Sinaee1961B---D8W18W6L1 3.5
5NM Mike Nagaran2002B---W3L6H---W12 3.5
6Mark Anderson1766B---W19W5L4L2 3.0
7Orry Marciano1824B---H---W8L2D3 3.0
8Tom Fogec1600B---D4L7D10W17 3.0
9Daniel Henderson1143U---W24W26H---D14 3.0
10Lorry Widger1600B---L1D15D8W16 3.0
11Hernan Gonzalez1760B---L2H---L12X22 2.5
12Travis Schoening1528U---H---W22W11L5 2.5
13Hal Olmstead1002U---W17U---H---W24 2.5
14Robert King1570U---W23L3W15D9 2.5
15David Jessie Cason1310U---W21D10L14W20 2.5
16Howard Whitlock1261U---B---U---W24L10 2.0
17Jim Hillard1401U---L13W27W21L8 2.0
18Todd Arone1791B---H---L4U---U--- 1.5
19Andrew Norman2030B---L6U---H---U--- 1.5
20Ian Finnunr.H---U---L24W25L15 1.5
21Brady Nicol819U---L15W23L17D25 1.5
22Spencer Welch1245U---H---L12W27F11 1.5
23Robert Colantoni1278U---L14L21H---W27 1.5
24Erich Roedel1532U---L9W20L16L13 1.0
25Jason Patton1524U---U---H---L20D21 1.0
26Chris Mitchell1529U---H---L9U---U--- 0.5
27Tan Vuunr.U---U---L17L22L23 0.0

Tournament Results

Prize winners for the tournament ending on May 25th are as follows:

Full results for completed tournaments can be found on our USCF tournament history page.